In 2013 Martin Gregus Jr. was appointed as the Project Director of the "One 50 Canada Society™” whose main effort is to support the “Thank you Canada™ project.


The “Thank you Canada™” project; where Martin is one of the photographers along side his dad;  is a vision, and a dream about the reality of Canada. Spanning across the world’s second biggest country from coast to coast to coast, this magnificent project will show to the audience not just the beauties of untouched nature and wilderness, but will take them into diverse cities, remote native communities or simply document every day lives of Canadians and give Canadian people a sense of pride for the next 100 years to come.


The project is based on the “Thank you Canada™” coffee table book and a major interactive photography exhibition. The biggest inspiration for Canadians will come from the “Thank you Canada™ Tour” itself.


To support the “Thank you Canada™” project or for more information please visit



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