Martin Gregus Jr at work, © 2017 Martin Gregus, London UK

Final Performance

GDT European Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2013, Runner Up, Man and Nature Naturfoto-Festival, Lünen Germany

Crane Perfection

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2010, Winner 11-14 category

Natural History Museum, London UK & Worldwide tour

White on Blue

Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2008, Specially commended

Natural History Museum, London UK & Worldwide tour

The youngest member of the Gregus creactive family, Martin is an internationally awarded, multidisciplinary artist with an amazing photographic eye and cleaver creativity. He can see things and stories far beyond the reality of everyday life; this is reflected in his photographs, which are full of details and natural dynamics. Martin attempts to document people, life, and the culture of the world we live in today.


Martin has a wide spectrum of photography; he sees beauty and inspiration everywhere. In the last eight years Martin has traveled the world, documenting and preserving its past. When Martin is not traveling he does fashion and theater photography.


Scenarios that take place on the streets are something people rarely see, the interactions between ordinary people, posters and signs all tell a story about the city's life. None of Martin's street photographs are staged that is why they are so real and heartfelt, people can truly see each other in the pictures. From the everyday life and richness of Beverly Hills, to the homeless people of San Francisco;  from the music, food and people of Naples to the business districts of London; from the ancient city of Rome to the vast metropolis of Los Angeles. The tales of people and the city's hidden beauty is captured on camera, told in a wide array of images.


 Capturing the spirit of cities starts with the people that live in it, but the images full of detail and graphical components come from architecture, cars and roads. Whenever Martin travels, he takes pictures of everything; the reflections of life in the glass skyscrapers tell a story about a new era while the cars that drive on its roads show a tale of its past.


Martin's work has been recognized in some of the world's most prestigious contests. In 2008 at the age of 11, Martin's "White on Blue" image was awarded at the Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition in London UK and again in 2010 when his image "Crane Perfection" was the winner of the 11-14 category. In 2009, Martin's "Infinity Flight" received an honorable motion at the Museum of Flight in Seattle WA. Since then Martin's photographs have been shortlisted in many other world renown photography competitions. During the Wildlife Photographer of the Year world tour, Martin has exhibited his documentary and street photography in Slovakia's most prestigious art gallery. He has given many presentations and speeches about photography in schools and museums, and even led a photography youth camp for the Royal BC Museum in Victoria, Canada.


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Infinity Flight

Spirit of Flight 2009, Honourable Mention Museum of Flight, Seattle WA

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